Sunday, April 23, 2006

Time off

I have decided that since it is nice weather out, that I want to spend more time outside. This also means that I will be taking some time away from blogging.

I have enjoyed doing this but there seems to be such little response. I do not have time to do everything I enjoy in life and sometimes we have to make adjustments. I have taken a look at my list of things I do and this one seems to bring the least interactions with others. No one is reacting or responding to anything I have written so it is best I go and spend my time on things that will bring enjoyment to me and to others.

See you in the fall (maybe)

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tough Day

Well I am home from a horrible day at work. It seemed everyone took a grumpy pill on the same day they got their bills. The result.....them screaming at us over some of the silliest things I think I have ever heard. One man screamed at me that he didn't make the call and I had no patience with him so I gave him the 5.00 credit and he still screamed at me because he felt we were scamming him. I told him I took the charge off but he wasn't happy....I really don't know what else he expected me to do.

Oh well, I am home in the comfort of my own home....well not in silence though. I walked in the door and my cats were screaming at me for food. Now tell much screaming is one person supposed to take in a day.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Weigh in

Well after all my work outs (exlax and all) I finally got rid of some unwanted pounds. I lost 5 pounds in one week.

I know you are going to say that is to much for one week but it really isn't. I wasn't working so I could afford to spend all my energy on working out. I do not expect that result every week but it would be nice.

Maybe just maybe if I wasn't sleeping so late I could go to the gym more often. Guess I should set the old alarm. I will have to start getting used to getting up early since I star days soon. Gosh my poor body. All these changes, first the good food, exercise and now waking up early....what will come next

Back to work

Well after my 4 days off, it is time to return to the work place. I spent my 4 days off very well I think. I exercised, slept, worked on quilts, slept, watched TV, slept, played games, napped and went for long walks.

Yes, after my episode with the exlax, I even went back to the gym. I asked about more equipment and used it. I want to get rid of my legs..well not my legs, but the fat on them. I am sore today and can barely sit down but I guess that is the price one has to pay for allowing themselves to get so fat.

Good thing I have a sit down job and not a walk around type job. At least once I am sitting down, the pain is over until I have to get up. I wish I had more time off, but alas, I was born into the working class and have to work to be able to pay the price for all the nutrious food one has to buy when one is changing their life style to a healthy one.

So it is off to see the wizard time .....

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Top 10 things not to do before you work out

10...think that you can eat cookies and wear it off working out (i tried it and it didn't work

9...get out of bed and run right off to work out....your body needs a chance to wake up first...have at least 4 cups of coffee first...makes your body ready for a good workout (i put this in because I love my coffee)

8...clean your house before you need to leave some energy for your workout (I put this in so I can have a reason for a messy house)

7...ride a horse (camel, donkey, or elephant)....if you ride a horse before you workout, your legs are going to be sore and you won't be able to do your best

6...go out can do a work out smashed but I really don't know if it would do you any good....maybe it would make for a better comedy routine then a workout a manicure. I have broken more fingernails at the gym then anywhere else.

4...drink a lot of water. Drink during your workout....if you drink before, you waste a lot of time running to the washroom. a large meal. Eating makes you want to sleep and it is very embarrasing to be woken up by one the gym staff when you have fallen asleep on the treadmill

2...not shower.....please for the sake of us all....shower, bath or can get very smelly in there.

and the bestest thing NOT to do before you work out.....

1....take a laxative. DO NOT TAKE EXLAX BEFORE YOU WORKOUT. I did and it was the longest ride home I have ever taken in my life....I made it but that was a workout on its own....I have never run so fast in my life. Take if from an expert in this area, don't do it.

Friday, April 14, 2006


I feel so free. I have the normal 3 day weekend off plus I took Monday off. I have been so tired lately that I decided to treat myself to a small holiday.

Today I have done most of my wash, cleaned my kitchen and bathroom (of them anyway) and went for a half hour walk. I still have most of the day left to do more in.

I want to get my house all clean so that I can do some sewing. My daughter is going to put some of my quilts on Ebay for me. I don't think they are good enough but she says they are...I have to trust her judgement.

Sewing is just another way of relaxing to me. I can think or I can let my mind wonder. I have a tendency to let my mind wonder when I am trying to write and that gets me into trouble sometimes. I find I wrote things that really don't make sense to me.

I hope you all are having a great weekend off too

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Travel and diets

I have not posted anything lately as I am having a tough time. April 25, 2005 my mother passed away. I am finding that this year, I am blocking April totally. There just isn't an April for me. I do not want to face the fact that my mother is gone.

I went up to see my father on Saturday as it is his birthday today. I wanted to make sure he realizes that I love him and even though I can't be with him today, my thoughts are still with him. He is having a rough time. They were married for 65 years and he feels that a piece of him is missing.

The trip was hard because I really didn't want to go. I would have rather sat here in my own depression but I forced myself to go. I am glad I did really. We had a great time. My sister came out from Edmonton and we went for supper. Chinese food was the choice (there goes the diet). So good I ate more then I should have. Sunday morning my father made me his famous pancakes (there really goes my diet). Oh well, to make him happy I will go off my diet for a couple of days.

How about that for an excuse for not loosing weight???

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Okay...two weeks on a diet and I have stayed the same. Now explain that!

I know, I are going to say that sometimes it takes a little time for your metabolism to kick in. I know that too but it is still very frustrating to not see some movement. Oh well on to next week...maybe then.

Today was a day from hell as far as work was concerned. It seems all my fellow employees are coming down with the same case of the craps as I have....I don't give a crap!! It must be spring fever but everyone I talked to says the same thing...we are tired of listening to people whine about being charged to much when they asked for that in the first place. I know we have to have some empathy but really......when you use your phone and make long distance calls...what do you expect to happen????? Well I can't afford will have to credit me....not in this life time buster. You used the phone now own up to it. Also if you know your kids are going to play on the internet, block it or be prepared to pay through the nose and stop phoning us to get credits. Sorry, I am venting here but how much can one take!