Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Back to work

Well after my 4 days off, it is time to return to the work place. I spent my 4 days off very well I think. I exercised, slept, worked on quilts, slept, watched TV, slept, played games, napped and went for long walks.

Yes, after my episode with the exlax, I even went back to the gym. I asked about more equipment and used it. I want to get rid of my legs..well not my legs, but the fat on them. I am sore today and can barely sit down but I guess that is the price one has to pay for allowing themselves to get so fat.

Good thing I have a sit down job and not a walk around type job. At least once I am sitting down, the pain is over until I have to get up. I wish I had more time off, but alas, I was born into the working class and have to work to be able to pay the price for all the nutrious food one has to buy when one is changing their life style to a healthy one.

So it is off to see the wizard time .....


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